The other master next to the cutting master,Hear this,Also followed。

Xu Yi heard what they said,I think of Lin Yu,Not cut yet,Turned to look at Lin Yu,Open road:“It’s your turn to cut,please。”
“it is good,Let’s cut this piece of mine first。”
Before Lin Yu,First look,Xu Yi shook his head,Take out the rough stone you look down on。
then,Pointed to the middle of the rough stone,Open road:“Cut this rough stone from the middle,Directly open him on both sides。”
puff!As soon as this said,People around,I couldn’t help covering my mouth and laughing。
I thought,Lin Yu is capable。
It turned out to be a layman。
This rough,Someone cut it straight down,So funny。
To know,One cut,If what is drawn is the finest rough,Split on both sides,That will reduce the price of jade several times。
The cutting master didn’t expect,Lin Yu let himself cut in the middle。
I have been a slitting master for so many years,See you for the first time。
“Really want to drive like this?”
Cut master,Frowned,Question again,Want to be sure。
“Yes,Cut like this。”
Lin Yu who heard this,Still the original meaning。
“Haven’t you played rough stone before?”
Xu Yi,Finally couldn’t help but question Lin Yu。
This cut rough,This is the first time I met,I have to cut through the rough stone。

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