“Don’t sleep,baby,Li Chen and the others are already waiting below。”The staff urged。</p>

Su Luo struggled to sit up,Rubbed his distressed eyes,No good airway:“Got it,Don’t rush me,Let me slow down。”</p>
Dry sitting on the bed,Looking out the window is not too bright,Su Luo’s eyes almost closed again,no way,Too sleepy。</p>
At this moment,Su Luo really wants to lie down and sleep,Don’t care about anything else,But reason told him,Can’t do this。</p>
Finally tangled for ten minutes,It’s almost half past six,Only then did Su Luo woke up slowly,Wash,Change clothes。</p>
Brush your teeth,Su Luo whispered in his heart,Never go to any brother-to-brother activities next time,Too bad,Don’t know how other people are?</p>
Half an hour later,Su Luo washes neatly,Dressed neatly and took the elevator to the third floor,The room is still empty,There are only rows of sofa seats。</p>
“Are you already here??People?”Su Luo turned to ask himselfVJ。</p>
VJBlinking eyes,Thought for a while,Tao:“May go to the toilet。”</p>
Su Luo rolled his eyes,I believe you ghost,You are a bad old man!</p>
I didn’t care about this with my camera,Director sitting in the center of the venue,Yao Ze said:“are you ready?We are going to start shooting。”</p>
Su Luo glanced around the staff who were ready to go,Nodded:“alright,You guys shoot。”</p>
Yao Ze nodded,Big hand wave,All groups are already in place,Get into work soon,Start one busy shooting。</p>
Su Luo counted,There are six seats in total,But they are seven members,If you add a few flying guests,There are more seats, right。</p>
still is,There are no flying guests at all in this issue,Even one of them can’t come to this episode?</p>
Is it team blue??He didn’t come to attend last nightKTVParty。</p>

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