《red beans》Used a song,Belongs to the pop song field。

For the second song, Shen Huan decided to take a little archaic category。
Shen Huan in a previous life,I’ve seen a movie called《Story of Yanxi Palace》TV series,One of the poems written by mom《The sound of falling snow》,Very nice。
It’s not that the two original singers sang well,But the cover of another male singer Zhou Sen with a light voice is better,More in line with the ethereal feeling of snow drifting。
Zhou Sen’s voice is close to a woman,A bit more feminine than Azhedu,From this perspective,He sings women’s songs,More suitable than Guan Yili。
So look at it the other way around,《The sound of falling snow》,Just suitable for Han Donger’s voice like empty valley and orchid。
So down,Two title songs are set。
Shen Huan has been studying for six months,Simple staff writing is already available。
After he delivered the lyrics and music scores to Han Donger,Han Donger called right away,Forcing him to sing again。
“I will sing the song you wrote for me!”
This sentence is Han Donger’s thanks to Shen Huan。
Take this“Facial paralysis fairy”with“Naturally cute”Character,Can say thank you,Is already her limit。
Shen Huan can hear it,When she talked about these two songs on the phone,That kind of cheering and joyous depression from the heart。
Han Donger is a pure girl,Her world is simple,Singing is her favorite thing。

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