He has a clearer understanding of his level,Although it seems that the content produced by myself now,The market is ok,but,That is the result of using a lot of company resources。

Do not use company resources,What kind of effect can the content he produces,He hasn’t tried。
That can be said to be quite a failure。
The company can have so many self-media accounts with regular readers,Again because of the traffic brought by Fang Hao。
There is no Fang Hao,Or that he left this company,What’s the future,He understands very well。
Chapter Four Eighty Six Mr. Liu is very young
after eating,Jiang Li doesn’t care about anything,Went into my bedroom,Then lock the bedroom door。
——She will never forget this necessary step。
In the group of best friends,She told the secret of Liu Qing’s age:
“Sisters,I learned something shocking today,Mr. Liu from our company,Unexpectedly so small!”
This news burst the group:
“what?Mr. Liu is very young?Sister Li, did you see?”
“But Liu Qingxiao is also normal,Look at his body,skinny,Weak,Not very big。”
“That’s what the national bug is like,Enoki mushroom!Hum!”
“But how did you see Lijie??”
“Li sister,Are you our divorced sister or our director’s wife??”
“How small is it?Little finger,Or middle finger?”
“Sister Li,How small is it?Are there any pictures??”
Jiang Li:“I’m always at odds with you because I’m not abnormal enough……I’m talking about his young age, okay?”

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