Shen Huan looked up,The one who called himself is really an acquaintance。

He was the last time Mr. Wang Teng of the National Museum hosted a calligraphy competition between himself and Ruan Dashao here.。
“Teacher Wong!”
Shen Huan smiled and walked over。
“You also brought calligraphy and painting today?”Looking at the long scroll,Wang Teng smiled,“I thought you would bring jade……This time I heard that you opened some good jade in Myanmar!”
“I drive jade very well,Can be compared to the emerald princess?”Shen Huan also responded with a smile。
“Haha,That’s also!”A fat expert next to him laughed。
After the promotion of the Chinese jade merchants who went to the Myanmar public market,Mu Ruru’s fame is completely beaten out。
After returning home,Mu Guishu, who thinks her daughter is very proud,I specially invited many friends to see the jade produced by Mu Ruru。
Under various boutiques one after another,It’s really admirable and admirable for Ruru at a young age.。
Also thanks to Mu Ruru being Mu Guishu’s daughter,The hundreds of millions of jadeites are not of a grade compared to others’ net worth,Otherwise, there must be people who want to take risks and steal things。
These achievements of Mu Ruru,Overwhelming the news of Shen Huan buying jade gambling materials。
Basically except for Mu Ruru,No one knows how much Shen Huan bought,How many real jadeite among them。

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