And the mother who blindly teaches violence,Father who keeps preaching is different,Shen Zhilan will accompany Shen Zhiyue on a tour,Shen Zhiyue also learned to swim under the leadership of his second brother。

Shen Zhilan is a little excited about the past,He grabbed his brother’s shoulders,I can almost spray Lu Shanshan’s face with my breath。
“Little brother,Do you think of something?Do you remember when I took you to swim in Xiaohua Kindergarten?At that time, the kindergarten swimming pool will be open to outsiders to swim before the summer vacation,You look greedy at other people’s swimming style,I taught you to swim。”
Lu Shanshan didn’t realize Shen Zhilan’s excitement,She is only greedy for Shen Zhilan’s body。Shen Zhiyue is so good,It shouldn’t be too bad to be a brother。
Lu Shanshan wanted to make Shen Zhilan happy,Make up:“I seem to think a little,Brother will hold my hand in the pool。”
Shen Zhilan is more excited:“Little brother,You finally remember。Great,Your condition finally sees light。”
Lu Shanshan is a little embarrassed,She is not sick at all,She is just a fake。
Shen Zhilan is immersed in her own world:“I’ll look for it in the utility room later,The water circle we used when we were young shouldn’t be thrown,I find it out,What else might you remember after seeing the swimming ring。”
Lu Shanshan felt a chill in her heart,She is tall and strong now,With a children’s swimming ring,Oh my god this is not a pervert!
But thinking of tomorrow, I can admire Shen Zhilan’s body,Lu Shanshan is very happy。She posted on Shen Zhiyue’s Weibo:
“Go swimming with brother tomorrow,Really been waiting~Which swimming trunk should I wear?”
Not enough text,Lu Shanshan wears a few more swimming trunks photos。
This is a terrible shot,It immediately detonated countless netizens who didn’t sleep late at night。
“My goodness,what is this?Do you want to play orthopedics??”
“Where do you swim?I’ll go as well。I will bring a camera to record the beautiful moments of your brothers。”
“Ah ah ah,I can not make it。Baidu just clicked on Shen Zhiyue’s brother,so hot。Shen’s genes are too strong。Shen Zhiyue is like a wild white wolf dog,The president of his brother’s proper abstinence department。What kind of fairy brother,What godcp。”
Lu Shanshan was overjoyed by the comments。Sure enough, there are many people like her,I think Shen Zhiyue’s brother Shen Zhilan is very abstinent,Looks handsome。
She responded excitedly to the comments of netizens:“Thanks for your support,I’m not boasting。My brother is really handsome。”
Some netizens sent a weird emoji package:“Brother Zhiyue,Listen to you,Are you planning to sell your brother?Me me me,I am the first to sign up,I greedy your brother。”
Lu Shanshan covered her face,She is the same as these netizens,Since I first saw Shen Zhilan,Greedy him。It’s a pity that this person is a senior brother,Only his brother in the eyes。

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