“cut,You can be his fan,But before you say the word beautiful,Think about it‘Unparalleled beauty.juvenile’Shen Huan。In terms of appearance,Can you compare?”

“Off topic!Shen Huan is a student,Guan Yili is a singer!Is a very talented singer,he’s good!I like it too!”
everyone,All have their own circle。
Usually what a person likes,Hate something,Will let people in their circles know。
Especially like,Must be shared。
Network now,Meager,Have micro chat,Have a circle of friends,Sharing is even easier。
The craziest is naturally a group of students。
They are the easiest time to worship idols,It’s also the time when you’re most impressed。
《tolerant》This song doesn’t say anything else,Songs and songs are all excellent works,Although not《Start over》So surging atmosphere,But for longing for love、For young people looking forward to beautiful,But it’s the best love song。
So less than half an hour,Almost all middle school and high school students,All know there is《tolerant》This song,Very nice!
So they went online to find。
Unexpectedly, no genuine copies were found at all。

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