“such,Take a look at this new labor contract first!You are also an old employee,Some things are company secrets,You can’t know if you don’t reach a certain level。If you want to know the specific content of the task,Let’s sign the contract,I will tell you in detail。”

Finished,Yu Xingwei handed over the new contract that was already prepared。
Lu Qingyun accepted the contract,I was a little dizzy when I turned it over。
I’m doing it for Hua16Years from15Rise to17B,I got a copy without any preparation20AContracts?
20AZaiweihua is already a second-level department head,Even two levels higher than Li Qing before。
Of course in the contract20AReflects only salary,If you really want to be in this middle-level leadership post, you need to pass qualification certification and assessment,But Weihua cannot be held by one person20ADon’t work with his salary and dividends?
And this is a lifetime contract。
In other words, as long as the contract is signed,Can work in Huawei until retirement,Basically don’t worry about being laid off。
Even if you really want to be waived, the problem is not big,The liquidated damages stipulated in the contract are enough for him to live well for the rest of his life。
and so……
“Don’t hesitate,After signing,You can participate in this cause。Really,I can understand your consideration for your family,But as a Chinese,Don’t you really want to participate in the most important project for China in the next ten years??”
“Say so,This is not just a job,We are making history。And i promise,Your next mission can meet your daughter up close!”

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