“Wilson,Restrain your evil spirit,Don’t be influenced by this power!”

“Those kids can teach you,Judging from the attitude of contacting Wuhun Temple。”
“These guys have some background,Leave a way for yourself。”
The middle-aged person is the leading teacher this time,Served as an associate dean in the college。
Strength up to level 59.
His words are still very useful,After all, genius can be condoned,But overall there is a limit。
“Good teacher,I will pay attention to scale!”
Wilson bowed his head honestly.,But the chill in my eyes has not disappeared。
There are too many ways,Can make death reasonable。
“Focus on the target first,Their direction should be to Wuhun Hall。”
“Do it after coming out,Find a remote location。”
“There have been strong people in Notting City recently,Try not to make things big!”
The teacher’s serious instructions,News from the City Lord’s Mansion。
The lord was beaten into a half body,The strength of the person who shoots is at least not lower than that of the Soul Emperor。
“Chen Ge,Buy one,Just buy the last one。”

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