Women’s obesity can cause certain problems?

Women’s obesity can cause certain problems?

Because obesity has certain effects on the endocrine system and metabolism of the human body, it is unfavorable to growth and development, and the function of the human immune system is reduced. Therefore, obesity patients are often associated with some gynecological diseases.

Among them are ovarian insufficiency, uterine hypoplasia, uterine body cancer, infertility, vulva, vaginal eczema, and thus accompanied by abnormal sexual function.

Among them, the incidence of ovarian insufficiency (uterine hypoplasia, uterine functional bleeding) was the highest (about 20%), followed by endometrial cancer (about 14%).

銆€銆€In addition to gynecological diseases, like the clinically said “three F” (“three F” – female, obese, middle-aged) – refers to cholecystitis and cholelithiasis, and female obesity has a great relationship, the susceptibility to diabetesBoth are higher.

Some people think that the risk of mastitis in women with special obesity on the waist is higher than that of women in the United States. The University of Southern California’s Murphyt Cancer Center in Tampa, USA, found that women with smaller waist circumferences than hips may have the possibility.More than six times higher than the average woman.

銆€銆€Dr. Nekoog, Columbia University; a survey of colon cancer and obesity in 800 women (25-84 years old) who underwent colonoscopy found that 300 of the 800 had precancerous adenomatous polyps, of whichThe 500 cases were normal.

Further calculation of the obesity index for abnormal patients found that precancerous lesions in obese women were twice as high as those in women of ideal weight.

As the trend index rises, the incidence of adenomatous polyps also increases.

銆€銆€Dr. Skerilla, director of the American Cancer Specialist and Cancer Prevention Division, believes that the risk of endometrial cancer can be determined based on the size of the woman.

Most of the apple-type women’s body discomfort lies in the stomach and upper body, but the lower limbs and arms are thin, while the buttocks and thighs are considered to be pear-shaped.

銆€銆€As the upper body aunt increases, the risk of the disease increases, and weight loss reduces the risk.

In the upper body, women who are overweight and post-menopausal with estrogen instead of progesterone increase the risk of endometrial cancer.

It is also said that it seems that apple women have higher levels of free estrogen and may reach breast cancer and endometrium, which increases the risk of cancer.

Apple women have a plan to lose weight and convert pears, halving the risk of breast cancer and affirming this risk.

銆€銆€Regarding how to know whether it is a pear type or an apple type, he said that women can use the ruler and simple arithmetic to calculate that they are “mild apple type”, “full apple type”, “light pear type” or “full pear type”.

For example, a woman has a waist circumference of 61 cm and a hip circumference of 91.

5 cm, 61/91.

5 = 0.

66, it belongs to the full pear type, and the other woman has a waist circumference of 76.

2 cm, hip 91.

5 cm, 76.


5 = 0.

83 She is a full apple.

Obese ladies, ladies, would you forget?

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