“Just go,I will never come back!”

Mo wonderfully immediately burst into tears,Took his child and walked out quickly。
Sun Peijie looked helpless,I had no choice but to follow up。
“Mo Xiaosheng,what,Two scallions in the pig’s nose,Treat yourself as an elephant!”Mo Miao’s voice is full of grievances,Obviously, my heart is very angry,This is the second time her dad has chased her for that Mo Xiaosheng。
“Who doesn’t say,what,Sooner or later, let’s make him look good!”Sun Peijie also hurriedly coaxed his wife a few words。
The couple is leaving,The atmosphere of the bedroom inside suddenly became much more harmonious,Mrs. Mo’s attention is all on Mo Xiaosheng,So I ignored what happened just now,He grabbed Mo Xiaosheng’s hand and said coldly and warmly:“Xiaosheng,Why don’t you see grandma all these days?,look at you,All thin!”
“I won’t see you anymore!”Mo Xiaosheng smiled gently at her,Said,“Come,I’ll take the pulse for you!”
“it is good,it is good!”Mrs. Mo smiled and said,“Come here,Grandma’s illness,It’s better than half!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s heart warms up,Nodded vigorously,Then he reached out and probed her wrist,Then took a breath,Mo Zizhen and others who rushed to the side said,“Okay,No big problem,I can prescribe a few medications to help the old lady recuperate!”
“Damn,That’s great!”
Mo Zizhen clap his hands,The hanging heart suddenly dropped。
Then Mo Xiaosheng made a prescription and gave it to Huang Ma,Ask her to boil medicine for the old lady daily according to the dosage in the house。
“okay,It’s fine,eat!”
Mo Qingwu heard that his wife is fine,His face was suddenly happy,Hurriedly called everyone to have dinner。
At this time, a large round table large enough to seat more than a dozen people has been placed in the hall.,Mrs. Mo dragged Mo Xiaosheng to sit down beside her,Holding Mo Xiaosheng’s hand tightly,Seems to be afraid of letting go,Mo Xiaosheng just disappeared out of thin air。
After the food is served,Cao Chen stood up suddenly,Rush to his father-in-law:“correct,dad,Before we start,I will give you a good thing first!Package you like!”

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