He suddenly found that Ning Beizhi seemed to know what he was thinking,This is not the first time,Just now he thought that Ning Bei Zhi was sinister,Ning Beizhi seems to know the next moment,This is the situation again now,He only said in his heart,Ning Beizhi seems to hear his voice。

He is not sure:“You know what i’m thinking?”
Ning Beizhi’s face stiffened,Wry smile,But the person behind this expression change can’t see,Even Yan Hongjun didn’t see it。
In fact,He can indeed hear Gan Yifan’s heart。
He possesses supernatural powers is a mental supernatural power,But before going to Lop Nur,He still can’t reach this level,Want to peek into people’s hearts requires full attention,Or it can be done with special equipment。But after a trip to the abyss space,He found that his abilities had changed,Can’t say anytime, anytime,But as long as he pays attention, he can peep into people’s hearts,What’s depressed is that he often confuses his own mind reading ability。
Like now,He is willing to change his heart,Anyone who doesn’t pay attention will respond to Gan Yifan’s thoughts as Gan Yifan’s words.。
Abnormal people are alien in the eyes of normal people,And those with mental abilities who master mind reading are not just heterogeneous,That will only make the senior executives jealous,Even fearful monster。
He actually has no other status in the Special Affairs Bureau,It’s just the leader of the Ganning Regional Action Team,But because his mental abilities are too special,The more important thing is that the senior management knows that he has this ability,Value him on the one hand,On the other hand, he was afraid to exclude him。
Ask,Who doesn’t have a little nine in his heart?And who wants the little Jiujiu in his heart to be noticed by outsiders?
So almost all action team leaders in each city have the rank of lieutenant colonel,Ningbei Zhique, with the rank of colonel, only serves as the leader of the action team in Ganning City。But he is very influential in the General Administration of Special Affairs,Depends on him being the first group of awakened abilities,The credits made are countless,of course,More from the fear of him from the top。
Enter the abyss space,Sudden power advance,It’s a great thing for other abilities,But for Ning Beizhi,Not necessarily a good thing,He does not intend to expose his power enhancement。
Gan Yifan doesn’t know what Ning Bei’s struggles are,Tried it a bit,Did not hear Ning Beizhi respond,He thinks he might think too much。
But after all he is cautious,I have too many secrets in my heart,Must not be exposed,Two steps,Over Yan Hongjun,Slightly behind Ningbei Trifoliate by half a step,I can see the side face of Ning Bei Zhi,But not obtrusive,He said:“If the teacher really wants to go to the air-raid shelter I live in,I can take you too。”
“Talk about it later。”
“I won’t take you back。”Gan Yifan said。
Ning Bei Zhi’s look unchanged,“The clearing you are talking about is the small forest in front of you?”
Gan Yifan nodded,“right here。”Then I thought:“There are two mutant black bears in the tree hole over there。”
Reach out to the tree hole,But staring at Ning Bei’s side face。
Who is Ningbei Zhizhi,Already aware,How can you be tempted by Gan Yifan,Look in the direction of his finger,Say:“Listen to Chen Yubo in the morning,They pick mutant medicinal materials around here,It is said that there are two mutant black bears,It should be in that tree hole,Look over。”

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