The two against Wan Zonghua,The battle is basically impossible to win,He is too loyal to the Mu family,Still too stubborn about myself?

“Wan Zonghua,Kill me,But I beg you to let Song Ji go,Chasing the soul,These two disciples are left!”
Wan Zonghua raised his eyebrows and said:“I said,You won’t die,And you will see the Mandarin。”
He looked at Song Ji on the side,Keep saying:“The chasing soul gate is all destroyed,I have heard about it many years ago,Both in martial arts,I will keep you in the same line。”
Wan Zonghua stands in the middle of the highway,Facing the last two enemies of twenty years,Infinite emotion。
“Mu Xuefeng,I killed your brother,You also forced me to despair,I catch you now,It’s a task assigned to me by the Mandarin,So i don’t owe you。”
“And you,Song Ji,By now,I lied to you for nothing,But your big brother,I really didn’t move。”
Song Ji was shocked。
From the moment Wan Zonghua appeared,He agreed,Brother Wan Zonghua must have abandoned it。
And now he denies,Also indeed,Now Mu Xuefeng is defeated,There is no point in lying to yourself。
Is that,There really is a master in Nan’an who is more terrifying than Song Yang?
Too late to think,Mu Xuefeng by his side already yelled,Rushed out!
Song Ji also clung to the soul chasing hook,Rush to Wan Zonghua with the owner。
Without external interference,Wan Zonghua two flashes,Easily escape the attack of the two。
Tai Chi Power,Wan Zonghua left and right palms,Keep a three-point force and pat on the back of the two。
Mu Xuefeng and Song Ji immediately poured out a big mouthful of blood from their mouths,Fell to the ground。
Only these two people,It must not be Wan Zonghua’s opponent at all。

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