As long as this Qin Shi is still in Nancheng,I have the means to make him die worse。

Zhang Man on the side was scared a long time ago,Fortunately, Lin Yun recovered in time,Pull up Qin Shi and run out,And Zhang Man saw it,Know immediately,Hurry upstairs to pick up Lin Zhiqiang who is still in bed。
Provoked Lin Jiang,What is coming is bound to be his crazy revenge,Therefore,Must escape the scene at this time。
Lin Yun also knows,Hide for a while,But can’t hide for long,But for now,Home is temporarily safe,After all, no matter how powerful Ren Linjiang is,Never openly break into the homes。
Four people fled,Back home,Lin Yun closed the door immediately,A deep sigh of relief。
Lin Jiang is a villain,She knows,For benefit,Their family can drive their loved ones to death,If someone provokes him,He will definitely make him worse than death。
Lin Yun and Zhang Man helped Lin Zhiqiang back to the room,Qin Shi entered Lin Yun’s house,Feeling at a loss for a while,Sat uncomfortably on the sofa and looked at the whole room。
This is a small house with two bedrooms and one living room,Looks a bit old,There are few decorations,It’s not like the residence of the company manager,It can be seen that Lin Zhiqiang’s monthly medical expenses,Brought a heavy burden to Lin Yun。
At this time Qin Shi’s sensitive hearing,I noticed the whispering in the room。
“Yuner,The only way now is to hand Qin Shi to Lin Jiang and his son,After all, he hit Lin Jiang,Has nothing to do with us,If you leave him in our house,I’m afraid we will also be implicated。”
“mom,What are you talking about!You know,If it falls into Lin Jiang’s hands,Qin Shi will not end well,He did it for me,I disagree。”
“Mom knows,Mom is to protect you,If for this,Lin Jiang started to attack us,The consequences are disastrous。”
“Lin Jiang, what do they want,You know better than me,We hand over Qin Shi,Do you think they will let us go like this?”

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