With the important mysterious gift of the good master,He doesn’t want to have faith, he must have faith!
In his plan,Not only a combination of the successful cases of Costco and Fat Donglai,Many interesting specialized supermarket models,He also learned from it。
in this world,There can never be another supermarket,Can be the same as the one in his plan,So diverse and vibrant、Full of competitiveness。
If this is not successful,That can only prove that people in this world have ingenious brains,with70100 million people have different ideas。
Originally, Shen Huan just wanted to get the task reward,I didn’t expect Zhang Yaya to say this,It makes Shen Huan feel,Bring the people close to you to earn more money,Also excellent。
The supermarket succeeded,Will inevitably lead to rising market value。
It’s okay to hold it then,Reselling,Is an extremely successful investment。
After care,Shen Huan raised her head to Zhang Yaya:“Your family will earn less in the future,Don’t cry for me。”
Zhang Yaya’s eyes moved,Xiyingying Way:“No no!I will only be grateful to you~~”
Shen Huan turned his head to look at her again,“Will your father agree to this??Don’t you say here,After I went to find the money,,He also said he didn’t want to。”
“Do not worry,I still don’t know my old man?”Zhang Yaya patted Hungary to guarantee,“As long as we give him confidence,He dared to do it!Less than last resort,Do you think he is willing to give up the foundation of such a half-life hard work??”
“Well!”Shen Huan touched her little head,“You go home and communicate with Mr. Zhang,I will give you news as soon as possible!”
“scare~~You are more anxious than me?”Zhang Yaya threw away Shen Huan’s hand in dissatisfaction,Smiled again soon,Raise a good-looking face,“Shen Huan,Do you like me,Want to help me succeed earlier,I’ll join our family later,Inherit the property my dad gave me?”
“I will be killed by Xiao Shuishui。”
Shen Huan shrugged,Turned and walked forward。
Such a problem,Is purely insulting my ambition!
A young man in his heart,I forgot when I was born again,The idea of eating soft rice really came to my mind。

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