Zhong Manxia was hugged by the public,Shy,But she struggled a few times and didn’t break away,I can only go with him,Hearing what he said without shame,No good airway:“Row,I see your test drive,If not,I will let you know why the flowers are so red。”

“Little sister,Is someone bullying you,Let brother help you,May I?”A lustful voice rang from around。
I rolled my eyes,It’s nice to have beauty on the side,But there is not too little trouble to face,It’s not troublesome to find the door by yourself。
Hold Zhong Manxia,I turned around,See a tall160,Weight also160’S wretched man is shining in his eyes、Looking at her salivatingly。
I see his dignity,Almost laughed,Just as he walks panting and looks over-drunk,You can push him down with just one finger。
Just two big guys standing behind him,Kong Wu powerful,A cool look with sunglasses,From the perspective I cultivated in the martial arts gym,,This posture is for long-term martial arts training。
But I am not afraid of things,I smiled and said to Zhong Manxia:“Eh,Did you hear the pig?We won’t enter the wild boar forest by mistake,Why is there a pig standing here?。”
Zhong Manxia and Li Xiaohong laughed,It’s a good match to put the pig with this guy。
That popular is dying:“Fuck your mother,I don’t want to live anymore, do you??”
He gestured to the person behind him,The two people surrounded,There was a fierce light in my eyes。
Zhong Manxia is a little scared,Pulled, I want to apologize,I patted the back of her hand,Motioned her to relax。
The man was even more angry at this scene,His arrogant way:“Kid,You scolded me just now,You don’t apologize today,This thing can’t be done well。”
“Oh,sorry!I called you a pig just now,I’m very sorry!”I looked embarrassed。
That man is complacent,Thought i was scared,But his goal is Zhong Manxia,I won’t give up so easily,Just want to say that apologize is not enough,Then fix me a good meal,Let that big beauty see his strength,So I dumped him and me。
“Just put you and the pig together,I’m very sorry,Because this is a serious insult to the pig,I’ll call you short winter melon from now on!”

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