“Prepare suitable clothes for my guests。”

After Carlos arranged,The maid agreed to leave,Close the door。
“Don’t look at me like that,Although you cover up well,But I have seen too many angry eyes。Since the bronze dragon chooses you to save the world,Then please fulfill your savior’s duty。”
Carlos rapped the soldier without salty。
“Then your majesty Carlos,How are you going to respond?”
The national character face paladin said the doubt in his heart。
“remember,The more your enemy does not want you to do,What do you want,The wedding continues,You are lurking among the guests,Find out the troubles I can’t see。”
Carlos is very satisfied with the power of holy light contained in the national character face,For the Paladin,His tone is quite friendly。
“but,Princess Galiya is not……”
Druid said half,I want to understand,Can’t go on。
“What a cruel king。”
The warrior taunted。
Carlos didn’t care about these words,Don’t want to explain anything,Just after the maids filed in with their clothes screens and toiletries,Carlos heads up and leaves。
wedding,There must be a bride, right?。
First399chapter OH! Not Bad,This G8!
A ridiculous farce,This is the conclusion reached by Carlos after straightening out his thoughts。

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