“nonsense,Don’t you know how terrible our Chinese people are!In our history,There used to be a hero who stood up to the world!What is it to break a basket?”

“Kneel directly!I haven’t seen Xiang Yu,But I am very happy to see Shen Huan!”
“Who said no?We have players like this in China,What is the World Championship for us,what?Hold on!”
at this time,Quietly skip class,Ran into the restaurant outside,The main players of the basketball team of Lin’an No. 2 Middle School watching the game with a group of students,It’s just looking at each other。
Center Rong Liang gave a wry smile,“I thought we were losing,I still think I have a chance to ask Shen Huan for advice,Now it looks,They hide it deeply!”
“Ugh,We are the frog at the bottom of the well。”Team ace Gao Mengda also shook his head,“Before playing,I think I can beat Shen Huan with technology……Watched so many games nowNBAgame,I knew what a frog at the bottom of the well I was。”
“If you don’t have enough skills,Now you look at the strength of others?”Xu Bo was surprised,“We can play a final with a player like this,That is worth bragging about for a lifetime!”
The eyes of several players suddenly lit up。
What are you trying to do??
He is already a world-class superstar,Is not in the same class as myself。
So for myself and others,Can play a game of basketball with Shen Huan on the court in China,Isn’t it the greatest pride??
You guysCBAProfessional players,I never have this opportunity in my life!
Thought of here,Their complexion suddenly improved。

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