The host heard,Say it again with your own microphone。

“61 million。”
With the first beginning,Next,More people open bidding。
“Sixty-two million。”
“Sixty-three million。”
“64 million”quickly,The bidding price has reached 88 million。
But it hasn’t stopped so soon,The auction continues。
See this,Zhao Long looked at Lin Yu beside him,Asked:“Don’t we open the bidding?”
“Not urgent,and many more,Some people haven’t spoken。”
Hear this,Lin Yu responded。
“it is good,Wait then。”
at the same time,In the front row,A man,See has been auctioned to 88 million,Look at my father beside me,Asked:“Not bidding yet?
As long as we open a bid,One hundred million,Then,Can definitely suppress the audience。
To know,Everyone is rushing to get 100 million yuan in subsidies,If you need 100 million to get it,That is offset by the 100 million subsidy provided above。
And the location of that project is also a new location,Limited money,Everyone will definitely not keep bidding,We can get it 100%。”
“In this case,Let’s start bidding!”
Middle-aged man hears his son,Raise the sign in your hand,Direct bidding for one billion。
After all, for others,That place may not make much money。

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