Looks pretty?

Listen to this,Shen Huan frowned secretly。
In the memory of high school students,Shen Huan found the little fat man’s information。
His name is Zhu Bo,Shen Huan’s classmate in junior high school,Going to high school is also a class,Before betraying Shen Huan’s intelligence,And among the classmates who kept handing out love letters,There is him。
But Zhu Bo has a thick skin,I’m sure Shen Huan’s character doesn’t like troublesome,So I shouted affectionately,It didn’t make Shen Huan annoying。
When grandpa died,Many female classmates came to Shen Huan’s home to give condolences,But the male classmate was the only one coming by Zhu Bo,From this point on,Shen Huan thinks he’s okay。
But looking at his frivolous tone now,Shen Huan feels,This little fat man is a little disrespectful。
“Oh,I have been exercising recently。”Shen Huan silently remembered it in his heart,Casually:“You seem to be a little thinner。”
“is it!?”
Zhu Bo touched his fat face with joy,“I think so!Huan brother,I don’t ask for how handsome,Wait for me to lose weight120jin,Can have a third of your peerless appearance,I’m satisfied!”
Shen Huan smiled without saying a word。
“Cough,Huan brother,Today the first day of school,Do you want to celebrate?”Zhu Bo’s mysterious way,“At night,Miss Long treats you to dinner,Shall we go have a meal?”
“Don’t use it anymore。”Shen Huan shook his head,“Today I started school with Sister Shui,Uncle Shui asked me to go home early for dinner。”
“cut,Uncle Shui sings well,But what he cooked,Really bad!How can it be compared to the chef of Qingluyuan?”Zhu Bo’s disapproval,“Go,If you don’t go,Miss Long’s meal,I can’t eat anymore!”

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