Seven strategies let you eat buffets without getting fat


Seven strategies let you eat buffets without getting fat

The best way to deal with restaurant buffets is to stop, take a look, and listen to your stomach. Don’t rush to get started before you have finished reading all the food. Make sure that some food is your favorite.

So how do you lose weight with a buffet?


Don’t go to the restaurant on an empty stomach. Make sure you don’t go on an empty stomach before you arrive at the restaurant. There should be some food in your stomach, which will help you suppress the temptation of food.


Elegantly eat a plate with a certain amount of elegant healthy food: fresh vegetables and fruits, light salads, shrimp and lean meat.


Choose your favorite food and put some food around you that you can’t eat, or don’t do, but like it.


Take a break while eating and sit for 10 minutes before taking the food for the second time.

It takes a certain amount of time for the brain to send a signal of fullness to the body.


The buffet should also be eaten gracefully without the attitude that 鈥淚 must be responsible for the money I pay鈥?

If you eat too much, the impact on your body, health and psychology will be higher than the value of food.


“Loss” is a kind of blessing still eaten. The cost of the food consumed is far from the price of the buffet. It feels that it is a loss, but if you learn a healthy diet, then the rest of the money is bought with health and good body.The so-called big wisdom is foolish.


The right way to eat desserts is slim. If you like beets, then it is smart to plan ahead and it is best to do some extra exercise.

You can eat some of your favorite desserts, but you should make sure to cut them in half on the buffet table; if the big cakes appear on the buffet table, ask the waiter to cut a smaller one.

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