Month: July 2021

“I am free now。”He stared into her eyes,Stubbornly said。 “But i……”She can’t bear to tell another fact,I also hope that he can feel the way he was just now,Face up to their current emotional situation,Although cruel,But it’s a fact,A fact that no one can avoid,Is a fact she wanted to tell him a long time […]
Peng Changyi has a look,Just said:“Lao Zou,You are at home?Did not go to Hainan?” Zou Zijie said:“Come to Beijing for a meeting,Back to Hainan tomorrow afternoon。” “Oh,What meeting?” “Is the inaugural meeting of the Cotton Association,This isn’t my job,But I have to be a member of the expert group。”Zou Zijie came over to shake hands […]
Obviously Gu Zhuo didn’t understand this sentence,She looked at the minister,Look at Fan Wenliang again。 Wang Jiadong sees Gu Zhuo’s mental state better,Pointing to Jiang Fan again:“This is Secretary Jiang,Visited yesterday afternoon,do you remember?” Gu Zhuo looked at Jiang Fan and smiled,Said:“remember。Changyi。” Jiang Fan is happy,When I heard that Gu Zhuo put him on Peng […]
Yang Shiyun suddenly asked in a low voice……at this moment,She forgot that she was not Qin Liang’s wife…… “That will never!Don’t you know me??Just like talking。” Qin Liang secretly smiled,Yang Shiyun also heard the wind is rain,The driver’s master just just chatted a few words,She’s serious,Really go to my heart。 “Maybe in a few years […]
The swallow pretended to answer as if nothing had happened。 “Then I saw that squirrel, right??” Qin Liang continued to ask with a smile。 “Yes,I’m wondering,There are no pine trees here,How come a squirrel came out of thin air。” Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero advertising、Multiple reading modes。Please pay attention()Book friends […]
“Good good,I surrendered,I’m exhausted!” Shen Ruoxue has a gentle temperament,Free and easy,She usually doesn’t care about winning or losing,Especially with my little sister。 But these two little girls are confused this time,They didn’t argue for anything,There is no question of winning or losing,So Shen Ruoxue’s surrender is inexplicable…… But Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t care about these,As […]