Month: June 2021

Shen Ruoxi is gloating again…… “You are wrong Ruoxi,I’m not Liu Xiaoyun’s opponent either!She wants to deal with me,Can clean me up in minutes。” Qin Liang said awkwardly。 “So Xiaoyun has become an invincible existence in the world!” Song Min interrupted in disbelief。 “to be honest,If you only use your brain,Xiaoyun is indeed invincible in […]
Meet Ouyang Shuo,Sang Qingrou made no secret of her inner joy。of course!This joy is not love,But feel,See him,I’m one step closer to going back。but,Her smile,Seen by Ouyang Shuo,He became coveted。 Family girl,Famous daughter,He has seen all kinds of things,The only thing I have never seen like Sang Qingrou,shameless,Take the initiative,Reluctant to give up again and […]
Old Gu felt that if he continued to rest in the yard,,I’m afraid Shu Qing will feel sorry,Wait for Shu Qing to go upstairs,He adjusted the seat,Drove out。 Shu Qing returned to the house,Peng Changyi is still sleeping soundly in the same position,Only this time his mouth opened slightly,The snoring escaped from inside。 Shu Qing […]
———— Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Dragon “Yes,You are the Dragon King,Who will be your opponent in the remote part of the North Sea?”Wang Yishan bent over,Spread your hands,“nobody,No one is your opponent,I have no other choice。” Wang Yishan is telling the truth,No one here can match the best man in the military,It’s just that […]
Du Jueming snorted,Seem to have suffered a big loss! 【Kanichi:Increased damage from Tianshan Six Sun Palm20%,Increased damage from Life and Death Talisman10%。】 This Wang Dang’s palm is not less than Yu Canghai! Actually it’s normal,Yu Canghai is a master of swordsmanship,The previous mission was also in plot mode,Has been greatly weakened,But this Wang Dang is […]
Meizi has a case to investigate in person today,So after I left the city office in the afternoon, I never came back,Yang Shiyun first called Meizi,Asked about the situation,Know that Meizi and the people she takes are still busy at work,After telling Meizi a few words, he hung up。 I went back to my office […]
———— Chapter Ninety Eight Loop Baby Ou tilted his head,“You don’t lose weight?”Sister Mei can watch the video while eating the spicy pot for three people。The appetite is really big。then,In order not to hide from the coach,I hired five fitness coaches,I was urged to work out every day。Claiming to be older,I can’t maintain my figure,Eat […]
“fart!Can’t make any mistakes。”Wang Jiadong said sharply。 “that……I can’t do anything if the superior says it’s wrong——”Peng Changyi said with a sad face。 What Wang Jiadong is aware of sensitively,Just asked:“Are you still brooding about the government’s reservation of land??” “Kind of。”Peng Changyi said honestly,Since Wang Jiadong can understand his heart like this,In front of […]
“Your sister didn’t quarrel with your brother-in-law, right??How do i feel she is weird……I seem to be absent-minded all the time?” Wait for Shen Ruoxi to follow Han Xiangyu,Shen Chengxian immediately asked Shen Ruoxue in a low voice。 “No la,Brother-in-law has been busy at the base,Haven’t come back for months,Sister miss him,So that’s it。” Shen […]
“Ugh……” I thought I was going to take a bath alone,Qin Liang felt uncomfortable in his heart,There are so many beauties, big and small,,But I can’t be with them“Take a bath”,This is really an itchy but helpless thing。 “okay,See you when we steam the sanna in a while。” Murong Shan smiled and waved to Qin […]