Month: May 2021

Hu Li said:“These places are not good,Only Golden Shield Hotel’s crab noodles and lion heads are like that.。” “I said your old fox has a bad mouth,The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee,correct,Did you eat the lion head that I brought you back that day??” “Did not eat,threw。” “why?That was specially packed for you?” “Bluff,There […]
“how do you know?” “When Yi Nan was hospitalized,I tried her,Although she didn’t admit anything,But i feel,She is curious about everything about you。” “You just mess up the mandarin duck book。” “Dare you say you have no feelings for her?”Wu Guanqi looked at him and said。 Peng Changyi was a little unnatural by him,Sighed and […]
Dongzi who was about to escape hasn’t forgotten to call his confidant,It’s rare。 Qin Liang secretly smiled,It’s already outside,Unless you can fly out with wings,Otherwise, there is no way to heaven,No way into the ground。 Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero advertising、Multiple reading modes。Please pay attention()Book friends hurry up and pay […]
“We are a group of good obedient girls!” Shen Ruoxue said without shame…… “puff……” Everyone laughed! “Pull it down!You are still obedient?Especially you and Xiaoyun!Fortunately you two are still obedient,If you two are not obedient,,I guess the house will have to be demolished by the two of you!Hahahaha……” Qin Liang laughed out of breath and […]
“go。” Just got in,These silver guards do it directly,Xia Chenglong was forced to retreat,Avoid the opponent’s attack。 The strength of these silver armor guards turned out to be extraordinary,No wonder he was caught off guard。 “Dragon Lord,You rest for a while,Let me make the way!”Zeng Fenglong stepped forward and said。 fair enough,For martial artists above […]
Chapter Twenty Listen to the boss talk about the past New week training,Hu Lai once again participated in the team’s offensive routine training,Rizekay。 Including Raizekai himself,I think Hu Lai will definitely start the next game。 Lai Zekai was deeply disturbed by his situation but also very angry.。 He knew that Zhao Kangming was partial to […]
Someone walked a few steps and picked him up,Said:“Changyi,Mourning。” Peng Changyi said with red eyes:“Mayor Jiang,Why are you so busy?……” Someone came to his ear,Whispered:“They are busy,I am not busy。” Called by Peng Changyi“mayor”His name is Jiang Fan,He is the deputy mayor sent by the Ministry of Construction to work in Kangzhou,Less than a year […]
Little girl blindfolded her eyes with her hands long ago。 He is in her ear,Said:“This is not bad for me。” “discuss……”She just said one“discuss”word,So I stopped talking quickly。 He heard it,She wanted to say hate,Just vomited a word,Feel not polite to him,Quickly put it back,Peng Changyi is more excited,He feels this little girl is more […]
Of course Qin Liang knew that Shen Ruoxi was afraid,He said that on purpose,Only he made it easier,Shen Ruoxi can not take this matter to heart。 “All right,Sister,It’s okay,Let’s go and finish the bath together。” Murong Shan understands Qin Liang’s meaning,So I followed Shen Ruoxi。 Don’t listen to Qin Liang’s words,But Murongshan’s face must be […]
The more so,In fact, from the current situation,At this moment,Ye Xuan didn’t feel it,How much impact will this look have。 “All right,It looks like,Everyone actually thinks this way。” “Say so,All of us,Let’s prepare well first!” When Ye Xuan finished,Other people are watching here。 Other things,Actually, there is nothing to entangle at the moment。 But from […]