Month: February 2020

Misunderstandings in applying proprietary Chinese medicines should be avoided Many people are willing to take proprietary Chinese medicines to regulate some physical discomforts. However, some people may not pay attention to them. Taking proprietary Chinese medicines must also prescribe the right medicines to achieve the proper treatment effect. Many people think that Chinese patent medicines […]
Poria (“The Book of Classics”)[synonyms]茯 菟 (“Book of Classics”), 茯 Spirit (“Historical Records”), 茯 蕶 (“Guang Ya”), Fu Ling, Fu Xing (“Tang Ben Cao”), Song Ji(“Note Beads”), Chenchen Futu (“Poyang Miscellaneous Pupa”), Yunling (“Yun Hengzhi of Dianhai”), Moo Rabbit (“Outline”), Song Potato, Pine Cassava, Song Ling (“Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine””).   [Source]The dried sclerotia of Poria […]
Active ring finger can delay brain aging The ring finger is the one with the least frequent use of the finger, and it is usually not used by anyone alone. As the active activity of the ring finger decreases, neurons in the sensory and motor projection areas of the corresponding cerebral cortex are more likely […]
Eat more sweet and less sour in spring is good for liver and spleen Experts combined with the records in ancient classics reminded that eating less sour food and more Ganping food in spring is more conducive to protecting the liver and spleen.   On the 72nd day of spring, the province’s acidity and sweetness increased […]
Hair care products found in the cupboard Don’t think that you have to wash your hair and conditioner every night to get hair care. In fact, some natural hair care products are quietly lying in your cabinet, waiting for you to discover.   Here are some of the natural, cheap hair care products you can find […]
Little tongue conveys child’s disease signal Every mother is always concerned about whether the child is full and warm. If the child has a slight fever and discomfort, it will soon be found by the careful mother, but many mothers do not pay attention to observe the changes in the child’s little tongue. Only when […]
10 ways to soothe the brain tonic 1, lotus seed pork heart soup material: lotus seed meat 30 grams, pork heart 1 method: pig heart washed slices, add lotus seed meat, simmer for 30 minutes on medium heat, add seasoning to serve.  Efficacy: This soup has soothing and soothing effects, nourishing blood and nourishing the […]
Do you know family visits? A recent survey shows that 90% of office workers do not know the existence of family leave, and even if they do know, they dare not ask for leave, and they do not know that they can enjoy 45 days of reunion with their loved ones. This does reveal a […]
Fall Skin Care Guide ● Do not forget the ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter. Many friends will neglect the damage of ultraviolet rays (UV) to the skin in autumn and winter. In fact, the chance of ultraviolet light irradiating the ground is still very high, so you still need to apply skin care products […]
1 book 1 pillow yoga transformation exercise In the distance yoga studio, the instructor of this project will teach you to repeat the wooden bricks, ropes, chairs, placements, openings, etc., so that when you do some asanas, you will use more force to avoid unguided practice of the body caused by yogaInjury also avoids the […]