Month: January 2020

Good nut for healing: sesame Small sesame has great effects. Do not doubt, sesame is very helpful to the human body. There are two types of sesame: black and white. White sesame is better for consumption, and black sesame is better for medicine. The stems, leaves, pod shells, and flowers of sesame can be used […]
Middle school students popular online marriage orders parents to force The students feel popular. Fresh Xiaofei is now studying in a freshman in a school in Yanji. He is preparing for his three-month anniversary of “Internet Marriage” on February 22. According to him, about half a year ago, he met a girl named “Red Tomato” […]
Baby diarrhea should pay attention to hydration More than five diarrhea have to be seen in different seasons. The causes of diarrhea are different. Autumn and winter are mainly caused by rotavirus, and spring and summer are mainly caused by bacteria.   Recently, I saw a child with diarrhea. The mother of the child said that […]
Financial management: white-collar dream of getting rich in four steps I want to bid farewell to the “moonlight” life, I want to double my monthly salary, I want to bid farewell to my working life, I want to live in a big house for a comfortable life, sleep and wake up naturally, and count my […]
Like him, how to discharge him You’ve been obsessed with a boy for a long time, and you really want to take some initiative, but you don’t know how he will react. Maybe he will laugh at you face to face; maybe he will dodge you like Ebola in the days to come.   Give a […]
10 classic women’s blood supplements Because of special physiological needs, women are more likely to have blood deficiency and affect their health. Diet is the most classic method of blood supplementation. Let’s take a look at the classic dietary blood supplement recipes: 1. Angelica ginger mutton soup angelica 30 grams, ginger 30 grams, refined mutton […]
Chinese medicine anti-wrinkle medicated recipe to help you fight wrinkles As you age, wrinkle textures appear. How to fight wrinkles? Recommend a few medicated recipes.   Chinese medicine anti-wrinkle medicated recipe one, Ganoderma quail egg soup material: 12 quail eggs, 60 g of ganoderma, 12 red dates.   Method: Wash the ganoderma lucidum and cut into fine […]
Fall in love with the original beautiful hail blue of Hulun Lake Taking advantage of the hail-like lake, the head counts the ever-changing clouds on the surface of the blue lake. Suddenly, a quiet force is felt, flowing silently, but it is very safe and practical. Hailar’s dishes are almost delicious and reasonably priced. In […]
Newborns often embrace better health The old traditional concept of “newborns often hold healthier” is that newborns cannot be hugged, and hugs are easy to form, which is not good for adults and children. This idea is incorrect.   The current view is that newborns should hold. Frequently authorized children will become beautiful, which is one […]
Breathing out of one nostril brings 8 health benefits People usually use “nostril out of one nostril” to accuse others of helping. However, medically, a nostril has a good health effect. Recently, medical research found that one nostril outgassing, that is, two nostrils alternately breathing, brings eight major health benefits to the body.   Benefits of […]