Month: December 2019

Pay attention to 6 details when choosing the right kindergarten Moms must be worrying about the baby’s admission? Maybe you already have a few suitable options in your mind, but you still may not pay attention, so let us guide you to the right kindergarten by the following article!   -Detail 1: The distance is a […]
Blood Gas Deficiency Medicine Diet Fangxian String Everyone should not know much about the traditional Chinese medicine prescription of Baxian Chuan. So, today I will introduce the Chinese traditional medicine prescription of Baxian Chuan in detail, as well as the prescription and function of Baxian Chuan. Let ‘s take a look at the relevant knowledge […]
Benefits other than the deliciousness of qi and blood longan The ancient Chinese have long used longan as a health care disease, which is considered to be a nourishing medicine, which has the effects of nourishing qi and blood and soothe the nerves, and can treat complications such as insomnia, forgetfulness, consternation, weak and weak […]
Do not have constipation after drinking bowl of rice flour every day I often have problems with constipation. After summer, I drink a bowl of lotus root powder every day, and the stool becomes smooth. Chinese medicine believes that 藕 can nourish the five internal organs, spleen and stomach, and nourish blood and nourish qi. […]
_1 Eight Super Detox Beauty Foods in Early Winter 1. Mushroom: sweet, cool, beneficial to qi and spleen, detoxify and moisturize.   Shiitake contains 18 kinds of amino acids such as glutamic acid. Among the 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, Shiitake contains 7 kinds, and it also contains more than 30 kinds […]
How to prepare for the college entrance examination from the perspective of Chinese medicine Original title: Dong Hongtao talked about how to prepare for the college entrance examination from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. At the end of May 2013, a news from the Southern Metropolis Daily: The college entrance examination is approaching, and […]
20 and 30 year old women When the woman was 20 years old, the boy used the pull ring of the soda can as a ring and put it on her ring finger. She felt very romantic and moved for a long time.   At thirty, she would feel ridiculous and sad if she still received […]
Clear heat, help medicated Heat stroke is an acute disease caused by a disorder of body temperature regulation under the influence of high temperature. Those who are light-headed have dizziness, headache, chest tightness, nausea, thirst, fatigue, or even sweating a lot; those who are severely flushed, their temperature rises rapidly, they have shortness of breath, […]
Inscribed character When I was a child, my elders often taught us how to behave. In the young mind, these concepts are so embarrassing and vague. We don’t know what it is, we strengthen our memories. When we grow up, we gradually realize that these truths are life.The norm is the “true words” of being […]
Although the red beans are small, their efficacy is not inferior. Eating more red beans has these six benefits to the body. Chinese agriculture has started to grow bean crops very early, and the common bean crop is red beans. People like to eat red beans, because red beans are rich in nutrients, including red […]