Month: November 2019

锘? Be wary of eating peanuts and fattening Now is the time when peanuts are on the market. There are many ways to eat peanuts. The general method of eating is “raw food, fried, fried, boiled”. Peanut is a good material for fattening, it can be protein and oil. 銆€銆€Cooking is good for filtering carcinogens. […]
锘? A single Danshen, with the same four things, heart and brain blood vessels are indispensable | Click on the top right corner to read more health knowledge! Salvia miltiorrhiza, which is listed in the “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, is listed as the top grade. After the past generations of herbal medicine also unanimously received, […]
锘? Seven tips to retain the nutrition of fruit and vegetable juice As the weather gets hotter, fruit and vegetable juices become a healthy drink that many people love to drink, but how can they re-substitute the nutrition of fruit and vegetable juices? Let’s take a look at the following seven tips: First, choose fresh […]
锘? Russian doctors launch “hunger therapy” to help obese people lose weight Many women are dissatisfied with their bodies throughout their lives, and weight loss is their eternal topic. According to the Russian News Network, Russian Tyumen medical scientists announced the discovery of a new way to lose weight, namely “starvation therapy”, which can help […]
锘? Bad breath, constipation, liver fire, block 3 “绁涚伀绌? to get it! The inner court is the acupoint of the foot Yangming stomach. Acupoints can be said to be fever. If there is bad breath, constipation, sore throat, toothache, bloating, sour water and other discomfort, you can press the inner court. The inner court cavity […]
锘? How to give calcium to your baby and teach you the correct calcium posture Some parents have given calcium to their babies, even to children 3 a day. 4 grams of calcium, but the child still has calcium deficiency. First and foremost, certain factors influence the absorption of calcium. In order to properly calcium […]
锘? Top ten health advice in winter 1. Key social American medical professors said that the study found that old boring does not go out at home, it is very harmful to immunity. It is a good idea to try out rich social activities, visit unfamiliar relatives and friends, and participate in volunteer activities. 銆€銆€2. […]
锘? Xiamen has no purpose to walk and is content Before going to Xiamen, many friends told me that “Xiamen is a magical city. Even if you only ride a bicycle on the roundabout, you will feel contented if you just walk on Gulangyu without a destination.” So, my two friends and I embarked on […]
锘? TCM 12-hour health regimen TCM health care pays attention to the four seasons and the hour, different time periods have different health methods, the correct time to do the corresponding health matters can solve the multiplier effect, which is the so-called change of the world. So, is there a way to maintain health 24 […]
Focus on body rate to lose weight successfully Recently, according to a survey of women’s 鈥渢rue and fake weight loss鈥? 81% of women were dissatisfied with the weight loss effect, which generally reflected a serious rebound. 89% of women did not lose weight successfully, but should pay attention to whether the adult rate is down. […]