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Xu Yi heard what they said,I think of Lin Yu,Not cut yet,Turned to look at Lin Yu,Open road:“It’s your turn to cut,please。” “it is good,Let’s cut this piece of mine first。” Before Lin Yu,First look,Xu Yi shook his head,Take out the rough stone you look down on。 then,Pointed to the middle of the rough stone,Open […]
“The legendary treasure boy?”Was silent for a while,Principal Wang murmured。 Mixed in education,Early-hui children have heard of it,But the evildoer is so,Definitely the first time I saw。 “According to Teacher Han,This kid is preparing for a year,Lay the foundation,You can also go to the International Mathematical Olympiad to win a prize or something?”Guo Jianfeng asked […]
Su Luo struggled to sit up,Rubbed his distressed eyes,No good airway:“Got it,Don’t rush me,Let me slow down。”</p> Dry sitting on the bed,Looking out the window is not too bright,Su Luo’s eyes almost closed again,no way,Too sleepy。</p> At this moment,Su Luo really wants to lie down and sleep,Don’t care about anything else,But reason told him,Can’t do […]
For the second song, Shen Huan decided to take a little archaic category。 Shen Huan in a previous life,I’ve seen a movie called《Story of Yanxi Palace》TV series,One of the poems written by mom《The sound of falling snow》,Very nice。 It’s not that the two original singers sang well,But the cover of another male singer Zhou Sen […]
Do not use company resources,What kind of effect can the content he produces,He hasn’t tried。 That can be said to be quite a failure。 The company can have so many self-media accounts with regular readers,Again because of the traffic brought by Fang Hao。 There is no Fang Hao,Or that he left this company,What’s the future,He […]
Yes。 Under the operation of Yang Ba Ba,recently,Yang Kaixin became the sixth Xiaohuadan。 Although there are countless crape myrtle fans whitewashing her,But more people are still mocking this little girl。 Yang Kaixin’s heart is big,Kind of like a big silly girl,Otherwise I would have been mad by these people。 In the younger generation of actors,It’s […]
Scream! With! “Roar,Beautiful three points!” Fans of Banker Life Arena stood up and cheered。 Xu Xuan slapped the pickled pepper in the past。 2ratio5,Pacers lead。 Looking back,French sports car stepped on the accelerator to get into the interior。 The ball is very difficult,McGee and Tucker’s internal defense is a very important reason why the Pacers […]
He is not very good now,Walk crookedly。 Was angry by Xu Xuan。 This whole game,Little Thomas is fighting against Xu Xuan,But to the end,But ruthless discovery,I’m not on the negative level,I seem to be on the sixth floor。 And Xu Xuan is always on the second floor。 “Men cry, cry, cry, not sin.” Seeing little […]
“Good good,I surrendered,I’m exhausted!” Shen Ruoxue has a gentle temperament,Free and easy,She usually doesn’t care about winning or losing,Especially with my little sister。 But these two little girls are confused this time,They didn’t argue for anything,There is no question of winning or losing,So Shen Ruoxue’s surrender is inexplicable…… But Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t care about these,As […]
Meet Ouyang Shuo,Sang Qingrou made no secret of her inner joy。of course!This joy is not love,But feel,See him,I’m one step closer to going back。but,Her smile,Seen by Ouyang Shuo,He became coveted。 Family girl,Famous daughter,He has seen all kinds of things,The only thing I have never seen like Sang Qingrou,shameless,Take the initiative,Reluctant to give up again and […]