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He was the last time Mr. Wang Teng of the National Museum hosted a calligraphy competition between himself and Ruan Dashao here.。 “Teacher Wong!” Shen Huan smiled and walked over。 “You also brought calligraphy and painting today?”Looking at the long scroll,Wang Teng smiled,“I thought you would bring jade……This time I heard that you opened some […]
Shen Zhilan is a little excited about the past,He grabbed his brother’s shoulders,I can almost spray Lu Shanshan’s face with my breath。 “Little brother,Do you think of something?Do you remember when I took you to swim in Xiaohua Kindergarten?At that time, the kindergarten swimming pool will be open to outsiders to swim before the summer […]
“Off topic!Shen Huan is a student,Guan Yili is a singer!Is a very talented singer,he’s good!I like it too!” “……” everyone,All have their own circle。 Usually what a person likes,Hate something,Will let people in their circles know。 Especially like,Must be shared。 Network now,Meager,Have micro chat,Have a circle of friends,Sharing is even easier。 The craziest is naturally […]
The old stubborn swearing tone,Let Gan Yifan feel warm,He smiled softly,ask:“Did the old Taoist say where he came from??” The old stubborn head shook his head,“Didn’t listen to him,Others ask。” “The others are really soldiers?” The old stubborn nodded straight,“Second time in military uniform,Old uncle also saw their documents,Is a soldier。” Gan Yifan pondered for […]
“But Xiaolan,Such a handsome landlord and shop manager,Are you not tempted??” “I think he should be young?A good match for you。” Xiaolan’s answer,Surprised Mrs. Shangban,But then,She was very interested,But it made Xiaolan stunned。 Before that, she was still wondering what Mrs. Shangban asked about Lin En’s thoughts,Why did you suddenly turn to yourself in the […]
Tang Chen’s heart started beating wildly,It doesn’t look like the six main soul bones。 Could it be an external soul bone? I’m excited when I think of this,Direct absorption。 『You absorb the soul bone attached to your back:The bones kill the pulse.』 『Soul power is greatly compressed and increased.』 『Mental power greatly increased.』 『Body strength […]
Kobe saw Camby avoiding,Can’t help being disappointed,Don’t deduct it anymore,Throw the ball high! “Alley Oop!!!”Camby ran away,The restricted area in the east is empty。 Eat dumplings!Ben Wallace leaped high,Dunk with both hands!Dunk the ball into the basket like a gorilla。 “Bang!”Exaggerated power makes the basket swing back and forth。 “This is the all star!Kobe is […]
Obviously Gu Zhuo didn’t understand this sentence,She looked at the minister,Look at Fan Wenliang again。 Wang Jiadong sees Gu Zhuo’s mental state better,Pointing to Jiang Fan again:“This is Secretary Jiang,Visited yesterday afternoon,do you remember?” Gu Zhuo looked at Jiang Fan and smiled,Said:“remember。Changyi。” Jiang Fan is happy,When I heard that Gu Zhuo put him on Peng […]
———— Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Dragon “Yes,You are the Dragon King,Who will be your opponent in the remote part of the North Sea?”Wang Yishan bent over,Spread your hands,“nobody,No one is your opponent,I have no other choice。” Wang Yishan is telling the truth,No one here can match the best man in the military,It’s just that […]
Zuo Zimu was shocked! What kind of magic is this! Why suddenly became five swords! Seeing the long sword is about to reach the body,Zuo Zimu hurriedly withdrew his sword back to defense,Try to resist。 An instant,The sound of jingle is endless,But at the same time it was accompanied by several sounds of iron swords […]