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Then Wang Yufei knew,This look is called appreciation。 “Wang Yufei,Let me introduce to you,This is Teacher Guo from the Provincial High School。” “Mr. Guo,Hello there!”Wang Yufei gave a respectable greeting。 Very sincere attitude,For these children in the village,Every teacher is worthy of respect。 “Classmate Wang Yufei,Hello there!I want to ask you,When did you start practicing […]
Finished,Yu Xingwei handed over the new contract that was already prepared。 Lu Qingyun accepted the contract,I was a little dizzy when I turned it over。 20A? I’m doing it for Hua16Years from15Rise to17B,I got a copy without any preparation20AContracts? 20AZaiweihua is already a second-level department head,Even two levels higher than Li Qing before。 Of course […]
“Those kids can teach you,Judging from the attitude of contacting Wuhun Temple。” “These guys have some background,Leave a way for yourself。” The middle-aged person is the leading teacher this time,Served as an associate dean in the college。 Strength up to level 59. His words are still very useful,After all, genius can be condoned,But overall there […]
“Kid,Why do you want to rent a house?Looks very young!”An uncle said with examining eyes。 “I am a college student enrolled in Agricultural University this year,For some personal reasons,So prepare to live。”Shen Huan’s frank way,He also took out the admission notice issued by the Agricultural University from his bag.。 Uncle took it,took a look,“Ok,Not bad,It’s […]
At that time, West was still one of the best floor-flow power forwards in the league.,Hibbert is an All-Star insider,Defensive Titans. But now the times have changed,They are getting old too. Compared to the Pacers,The most stressed is actually the Pacers’ head coach Frank·Vogel。 After these two games,Walkers basically don’t have any chance。 Basically pressed […]
Brother Dao is still very loyal! Since I promised to help Du Wei deal with people,Now sitting on a wine table again,So he just asked。 “Ashamed!”Du Wei sighed,“I haven’t found that person’s identity!” “Haven’t found the identity yet?”Brother Dao can’t help being a little strange。 At this moment,The potbellied boss spoke up:“Manager Du,You are talking […]
Champion coach and champion core appear on the same team again,This in itself brings a lot of reverie。 That night,Host and guest。 It’s not the first time Xu Xuan appeared in the national team,At the Asian Championships last year,Xu Xuan came back,So a group of national players are almost familiar with Xu Xuan but a […]
Peng Changyi has a look,Just said:“Lao Zou,You are at home?Did not go to Hainan?” Zou Zijie said:“Come to Beijing for a meeting,Back to Hainan tomorrow afternoon。” “Oh,What meeting?” “Is the inaugural meeting of the Cotton Association,This isn’t my job,But I have to be a member of the expert group。”Zou Zijie came over to shake hands […]
Meizi has a case to investigate in person today,So after I left the city office in the afternoon, I never came back,Yang Shiyun first called Meizi,Asked about the situation,Know that Meizi and the people she takes are still busy at work,After telling Meizi a few words, he hung up。 I went back to my office […]
———— Chapter Ninety Eight Loop Baby Ou tilted his head,“You don’t lose weight?”Sister Mei can watch the video while eating the spicy pot for three people。The appetite is really big。then,In order not to hide from the coach,I hired five fitness coaches,I was urged to work out every day。Claiming to be older,I can’t maintain my figure,Eat […]