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Mo wonderfully immediately burst into tears,Took his child and walked out quickly。 Sun Peijie looked helpless,I had no choice but to follow up。 “Mo Xiaosheng,what,Two scallions in the pig’s nose,Treat yourself as an elephant!”Mo Miao’s voice is full of grievances,Obviously, my heart is very angry,This is the second time her dad has chased her for […]
They want to look back,But I can’t look back。 Looking back now, both sides are not pleased,Can only go aside,Can only pray for their bigBOSSFinally save them。 Actually make sense,There is nothing wrong with what they did。 The first ones are those that can be judged or not,At most it’s just a fight。 The one […]
He is not sure:“You know what i’m thinking?” Ning Beizhi’s face stiffened,Wry smile,But the person behind this expression change can’t see,Even Yan Hongjun didn’t see it。 In fact,He can indeed hear Gan Yifan’s heart。 He possesses supernatural powers is a mental supernatural power,But before going to Lop Nur,He still can’t reach this level,Want to peek […]
“Wan Zonghua,Kill me,But I beg you to let Song Ji go,Chasing the soul,These two disciples are left!” Wan Zonghua raised his eyebrows and said:“I said,You won’t die,And you will see the Mandarin。” He looked at Song Ji on the side,Keep saying:“The chasing soul gate is all destroyed,I have heard about it many years ago,Both in […]
Zhang Man on the side was scared a long time ago,Fortunately, Lin Yun recovered in time,Pull up Qin Shi and run out,And Zhang Man saw it,Know immediately,Hurry upstairs to pick up Lin Zhiqiang who is still in bed。 Provoked Lin Jiang,What is coming is bound to be his crazy revenge,Therefore,Must escape the scene at this […]
With the important mysterious gift of the good master,He doesn’t want to have faith, he must have faith! In his plan,Not only a combination of the successful cases of Costco and Fat Donglai,Many interesting specialized supermarket models,He also learned from it。 in this world,There can never be another supermarket,Can be the same as the one […]
It hurts too much! Qin Shi kicked,Kicked hard between Xia Xu’s legs,This foot is powerful,Can be called cut off! Xia Xu fainted in pain。 Qin Shi let go,Xia Xu’s body immediately limp,Fainted on the ground。 Lin Jiang took a breath,madman!Absolutely crazy! I’m afraid this kick is going to kick the man’s dignity.! This is the […]
See Lin Yu get off,Deng Jin kicked and clutched his stomach,Anxious。 “You are Dunkin?” Hear Dunkin’s voice,Remembered the call last night,Lin Yu asked。 “Correct,Cousin,I am Dunkin。 You said on the phone last night,Let me find you at the company,So I came here early in the morning。 Just didn’t expect,You just come now。” What a luxurious […]
Yang Shiyun suddenly asked in a low voice……at this moment,She forgot that she was not Qin Liang’s wife…… “That will never!Don’t you know me??Just like talking。” Qin Liang secretly smiled,Yang Shiyun also heard the wind is rain,The driver’s master just just chatted a few words,She’s serious,Really go to my heart。 “Maybe in a few years […]
Old Gu felt that if he continued to rest in the yard,,I’m afraid Shu Qing will feel sorry,Wait for Shu Qing to go upstairs,He adjusted the seat,Drove out。 Shu Qing returned to the house,Peng Changyi is still sleeping soundly in the same position,Only this time his mouth opened slightly,The snoring escaped from inside。 Shu Qing […]