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“Doctor Mo,Come to the living room for tea。” Li Zhenbei quickly called Mo Xiaosheng to the living room,Respectfully said after sitting down:“Mr. Mo,I ask you a few words,Don’t be angry。” “Where is Uncle Li?,Could you please tell。”Mo Xiaosheng hurriedly said。 “I want to ask my son,Probably how long will it take……Can wake up,After all, it’s […]
Wu Changan’s face changed drastically,Compared to change,Wu Heng couldn’t even hear anything about Fang Qiaoling,He really wants to cover Gan Yifan’s mouth。 “Does she care if it doesn’t matter anymore。”Wu Heng’s mood can be seen depressed,“You guys eat,I’m not hungry。” “Don’t speak if you can’t speak。”Seeing Wu Heng silently return to the room,Wu Changan couldn’t […]
One seven one、Duan Zhengde The Shanghai stock market is thousands of miles away,A room decorated with splendor1000A high-end cocktail party belonging to young talents from Shanghai stock market is being held in the square luxurious hall,The only ones who can be invited here are the sons and young ladies who have over 100 million family […]
Brokerage companies are just those fans doing this kind of operation,The main thing is to keep those brain-dead fans with greater economic value.,Don’t take Qu Wan’er away。 It’s not easy to cultivate a brain fan,That is their core asset,I can give other artists in the company。 This can’t be taken by Qu Wan’er。 The fans […]
Even if Ming Xian Middle School is not a first-class middle school,But for the results of the college entrance examination,The teachers will still teach very seriously,And began to select seedlings,Prepare focus attention。 In fact, can a person study,Can you read,It can be seen thoroughly in the first and second grades of high school。 Some people […]


time flies,Night is coming。 Under the spotlight of the Great Western Forum Arena,The Lakers and Sonics game is about to take place。 The fight for the top spot in the West,It’s still a national broadcast,The Lakers are second only to the Bulls in the number of national live games this year,Visible team popularity。 “The first […]
Zhou Xuan was released on Phoenix Records5Albums,Liu Chengen is also out3Zhang。 The two are not first-line singers,But in the second line, it is also more top-notch。 If measured by economic value,They went out to perform a song30Ten thousand,It’s easy to make money。 This time the two of them came to participate《Song god》program,Originally because they wanted […]
“I am free now。”He stared into her eyes,Stubbornly said。 “But i……”She can’t bear to tell another fact,I also hope that he can feel the way he was just now,Face up to their current emotional situation,Although cruel,But it’s a fact,A fact that no one can avoid,Is a fact she wanted to tell him a long time […]
Shen Ruoxi is gloating again…… “You are wrong Ruoxi,I’m not Liu Xiaoyun’s opponent either!She wants to deal with me,Can clean me up in minutes。” Qin Liang said awkwardly。 “So Xiaoyun has become an invincible existence in the world!” Song Min interrupted in disbelief。 “to be honest,If you only use your brain,Xiaoyun is indeed invincible in […]