“That’s great,remember,Insist on giving him medicine。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Quite exciting。

“Doctor Mo,Come to the living room for tea。”
Li Zhenbei quickly called Mo Xiaosheng to the living room,Respectfully said after sitting down:“Mr. Mo,I ask you a few words,Don’t be angry。”
“Where is Uncle Li?,Could you please tell。”Mo Xiaosheng hurriedly said。
“I want to ask my son,Probably how long will it take……Can wake up,After all, it’s been so long……”Li Zhenbei asked cautiously,From the first time Mo Xiaosheng gave his son a needle to the present,It’s been some time,The total number of injections has reached more than ten times,Although my son has reacted to the outside world,But never wake up,He couldn’t help feeling very anxious。
“It stands to reason that he can wake up。”Mo Xiaosheng said grimly,“I gave him so many needles,He also drank the soup medicine for so long,The damage of the brain tonic must be almost repaired,But I also said before,Can you wake up,It has a lot to do with his personal willpower,I suggest you communicate with him more on weekdays,It will play a big role for him to wake up as soon as possible。”
“it is good,it is good,I will talk to him every day from today!”Guan Xiaozhen on the side nodded when she heard this。
In fact, Mo Xiaosheng also eagerly hopes that Li Qianjue will wake up,Especially when I learned that the same capital“Sanjie”After Zhang Yihong is a despicable villain,He put all the bets on Li Qianjue。
He admitted,It was selfish to save Li Qianhui,Now in the capital, Wanjia can’t wait to get rid of him soon,Mohist wants to suppress him,And the Nangong family tried every means to use him,Zhang Yihong stole his pure Jun sword,There will inevitably be friction with the Zhang family in the future,So caught in the vortex of confrontation with many big families,He must find an ally,Li Jia,Whether from strength,From the character point of view,Are his ideal helpers,If Li Qianhui wakes up,With his talent and ability,The two of them join forces,Cut down other big and small families in Beijing,No problem。
This,Mo Xiaosheng’s biggest ambition!
“Mr. Mo……I still have a ruthless please……”Li Zhenbei said unconsciously,“Chikage,Qianying has had some more in the past few days……”
“Oh,Look at my memory,I have been thinking about giving Miss Li acupuncture again these days,Turned out to be too busy,forgotten,Hurry today,Yelin didn’t call,I’ll call her now。”
Before Li Zhenbei finished,Mo Xiaosheng suddenly remembered,It’s been a long time since I gave Li Qianying’s spiritual power to continue my life last time.,Recently, her body must have been a little unable to hold it,I have been thinking of helping her with spiritual power again“Continue life”Coming,But a lot of things happened these days,Never make time。
After Mo Xiaosheng finished speaking, he called Luo Yilin,But I don’t know if Luo Yilin’s phone is dead or like this,Turned off,He turned to beat Li Zhen,But Li Zhen’s phone rang for a long time and no one answered。
“Sorry,Uncle Li,The weather has become cold these days,There are too many patients in the hospital,So they might be too busy,Can’t hear the phone ring。”Mo Xiaosheng said apologetically。
“Nothing,Nothing。”Li Zhenbei smiled and waved his hand,Glanced at the daughter who went into the kitchen to wash the fruit,Chongmo Xiaosheng whispered:“Actually, Doctor Mo,You don’t need to ask for help,you are a doctor,Qianying is a patient,There is no difference between men and women in the doctor-patient relationship,You can treat the little girl directly,do not worry,Although I’m getting older,But not so pedantic,If everyone is so cautious with you,Not all the male doctors in the gynecology department of the hospital are unemployed?”
Although he said that,But this is only limited to Mo Xiaosheng,Children from big families like them,It’s definitely a difference between men and women when seeing a doctor,Every time his wife and daughter go to the hospital for physical examination,The whole process is checked by an appointment female doctor。

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