I didn’t come here to take inventory,There happened to be something in the group this afternoon,I don’t understand,Ask my responsible person,I asked him twice and I was annoying,My first contact with these,No one teaches it,Ask without answer,Even the answer is that the donkey’s lips are not right.,Not that,Not efficient at all,Obviously it can be resolved quickly,Grind over there,For example, let the finalized live broadcast time yesterday,Today I asked the person in charge here about4all over,Things that can be solved by looking at it,Have to drag me back at night,I haven’t given me an accurate time yet,I really am,I hate doing things the most,Your thing is over early,I don’t know what I’m rubbing against。

In the afternoon, let me take stock of other counter items,I was worried about how to reply to the information in the group,Anxious on the side for a long time,Still gave me a lot of,I had the urge to tear those papers,Think,Forget it,Really,In the past two years, my temper has become much gentler,I finally took an inventory,Then I went to eat when I was hungry after five o’clock,After dinner。
I really don’t treat myself badly anymore。Eat when you are hungry,Buy what you want,Although we need to increase revenue,But on a certain basis,I can still maintain the status quo。
Just really,Poor efficiency,Can’t lift the energy。rest tomorrow,I decided to shut down,Don’t want to answer the phone,Don’t want to look at the phone。
Don’t want those messy things,I just want to do what I want at home,listen to music,Reading,Enjoy my day off。
Then at night,Wait for sister to get off work,Go for a delicious meal with my sister。Whatever form,Regardless of its sales,Regardless of itsKPI,Whatever the meeting,Control its activities,I really want to watch my phone for a day。
Really want to say,I’m in a real mood。Said to shut down for a day,But I’m just a little one,I really don’t have the guts to not reply to the message。
Said it was a rest,In fact, I changed my job。noon11Diandu has been busy,Busy till afternoon3More,And things,Also happened at this stage。
Everything was fine,Busy with me,But there is a sister from another store in the middle,Talk about lowering the goods,I think I always ask this sister if I don’t know,Help if you can,I really didn’t think so much,I just think it can help。
then,The sister in our shop said in the afternoon,You agreed to transfer?I said yes?she says,Why don’t you tell the person in charge here,Do you know how much she took?
You know our family doesn’t have much,Then the sister kept talking there。I thought it was just a few boxes,I didn’t expect to change a lot。
Later, the person in charge in the store sent me a message,I know that the responsibility lies with me。One,I didn’t ask the person in charge in time,Can it be changed?;two,I didn’t ask how much she wanted to change。
Tomorrow will be the event of that product,So after being told by the person in charge, I also think it is,I don’t know how to face them tomorrow。
I forgot to tell the person in charge of this incident,What am i doing?I’ve been working on the script for the two-day live broadcast,At that time the mobile phone hotspot computer can’t connect,I asked a lot of friends don’t know,Then I asked the high school principal,Finally solved。
Then I started thinking about the plan,Write live broadcast script。Then my boss,Also said in the afternoon,The company will have a monthly exam tomorrow,Let me prepare。
I asked what to test?He said monthly test。I really am,If you send it to me, it’s a monthly exam,Have to tell me what to test。
Then I asked him,Then I waited for a long time without reply。My boss,I thought I could do it myself,Every time, it is very concise and direct to deliver the content,But he seems to have forgotten,It’s not long since I’ve been in contact with this industry。
I have no experience before。What I don’t understand now is to ask my girlfriend,Then my best friend met a little friend during training here last time,Then she asked my friends here to help me more。
So something happened later,I always ask that little friend。I really want to thank that little friend。Waiting for my sister to get off work in the afternoon,Thinking about wandering around,Just riding a bicycle,Then it was a tragedy。

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