One seven one、Duan Zhengde
The Shanghai stock market is thousands of miles away,A room decorated with splendor1000A high-end cocktail party belonging to young talents from Shanghai stock market is being held in the square luxurious hall,The only ones who can be invited here are the sons and young ladies who have over 100 million family assets.,Only the executives of major companies in Shanghai Stock Exchange,Without exception, none of these people will be older than30year old,Can be described as the proud son of this era。
Men’s clothes and leather shoes here、Qiyuxuanang,Female swanky、Bejeweled,It’s not the first time this kind of party has been held,So most people are familiar,The young people have a warm atmosphere together,Are from the same class again,Total.
One seven two、Pounding punks
The three little beauties came to me early the next morning, dressed like flowers,I’m afraid that Cui Yingying will be the first to board again,I didn’t go with them alone,And called my two sisters。
If I just bring Xia Jiayi or Xia Jiaer, I can still flirt with them,It’s not easy to bring three girls,Then you can only go shopping seriously。
I am a handsome guy following5A beautiful woman, big and small, is definitely the most attractive existence in the whole street,Passersby cast envious glances at me。
Lianshi is a big palm,Nothing to play,We still go shopping on the street we took Cui Yingying to yesterday.
One seven three、Hanging on the hook will not change for a hundred years
Such a sexy and beautiful police flower,I would be happy to have more contact,But it doesn’t mean I can be taken advantage of,I was surprised:“You handle the case normally,Why am I owing you favors again??”
She is not good:“not me,You can get out so easily?At least you have to go to the police station for tea,If someone tells you to take a heavy shot,Characterize you as being too defensive,You are not easy!”
I had to pinch my nose and said depressed:“Ok!I owe someone a favor anyway,Don’t care about one more。”
Wen Lei sees me flat,Cover up and snickered,Give me a charming look,Said hello to my sisters,Turned away。
Second sister.

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