Entered the sophomore year,The ease of high school,Basically does not exist。

Even if Ming Xian Middle School is not a first-class middle school,But for the results of the college entrance examination,The teachers will still teach very seriously,And began to select seedlings,Prepare focus attention。
In fact, can a person study,Can you read,It can be seen thoroughly in the first and second grades of high school。
Some people develop their wits later,But generally it’s not high school at the latest。
People who are wise after high school,Not many at all。
Mingxian Middle School is also an old school for decades,They also have their own selection method。
One of the most effective is the exam。
One exam does not count,Two or three times don’t count,Ten times eight times later,Naturally top students will stand out,The scum will naturally be active。
Pass the second year of high school study and selection,Gather good students,High school assault one year,Very likely to get results。
They have been,The best student,Once passed the provincial science exam in Zhejiang and Vietnam37Good grades。
Liberal arts are much worse,The strongest is just the front100That’s it。
But Mingxian Middle School has this advantage,That is their school,The teacher is also medium,Middle school students study here,The pressure is not too big。
Because it’s the district focus,School management is still very formal,The teachers are basically responsible,So instead, it’s the rich people who don’t want their children to be too tired,Like to let children come here to read。
For example, Di Xiaoling, a senior in high school, is the son of a rich man,The same goes for Long Yuqing and Xu Qiao。
Zhu Bo told Shen Huan,If you marry them, you can live a life of lying and playing,That does make sense。

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