What food to eat is good for dwarfism


What food to eat is good for dwarfism

Dwarfism is one of the more common congenital abnormal diseases of diabetes. It is a very large person for our human body. It mainly has hairy hair on the head and face, short height, stunting, and even appearance.Symptoms such as spinal deformity.

This is a great harm to the child, so for the dwarfs patients to pay more attention to the balance of diet, then you know what food is good for dwarfism?

Let’s take a look at what foods are good for dwarfism?

1, eat more calcium and protein food bone skeletal abnormalities, development is slower than their peers, if still in the developmental period, should eat as much nutritious food as possible, containing calcium, protein food is better for physical developmentEat more fish, shrimp, milk, soy products, etc., to a certain extent, there is still hope that it will grow taller.

2, multivitamin foods and vitamins are essential, whether or not there is no Zhuru disease, you must take a lot of vitamins, a lot of vitamins, you need to eat more radish, spinach, lettuce, etc., can effectively supplementThe vitamins needed by the body not only promote the body’s development, but also promote brain development.

3, eat more fresh seasonal fruit dwarfism to eat more fruits, fresh seasonal fruit is conducive to the needs of health, usually do not eat too much fried things, barbecue can not eat, sweets should also be as little as possibleEat, gnome, it is best not to eat spicy food, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, etc. also need to quit.

Precautions The diet of patients with Confucianism should be regular, not overeating, not picky eaters, partial eclipse, maintaining a balanced nutritional supplement, usually doing more exercise, promoting growth and development, but also ensuring adequate sleep.

Conclusion: Daily attention should be paid to proper nutrition, food should be correct, eat high protein, multi-vitamins, low animal, digestible food and fresh fruits, vegetables, do not eat stale or irritating things, eat less, roasted, marinated, fried, salty food, staple food and coarse grain to ensure nutritional balance.

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