“Doctor Mo,Come to the living room for tea。” Li Zhenbei quickly called Mo Xiaosheng to the living room,Respectfully said after sitting down:“Mr. Mo,I ask you a few words,Don’t be angry。” “Where is Uncle Li?,Could you please tell。”Mo Xiaosheng hurriedly said。 “I want to ask my son,Probably how long will it take……Can wake up,After all, it’s […]
Mo wonderfully immediately burst into tears,Took his child and walked out quickly。 Sun Peijie looked helpless,I had no choice but to follow up。 “Mo Xiaosheng,what,Two scallions in the pig’s nose,Treat yourself as an elephant!”Mo Miao’s voice is full of grievances,Obviously, my heart is very angry,This is the second time her dad has chased her for […]
Xu Yi heard what they said,I think of Lin Yu,Not cut yet,Turned to look at Lin Yu,Open road:“It’s your turn to cut,please。” “it is good,Let’s cut this piece of mine first。” Before Lin Yu,First look,Xu Yi shook his head,Take out the rough stone you look down on。 then,Pointed to the middle of the rough stone,Open […]
“Little sister,Is someone bullying you,Let brother help you,May I?”A lustful voice rang from around。 I rolled my eyes,It’s nice to have beauty on the side,But there is not too little trouble to face,It’s not troublesome to find the door by yourself。 Hold Zhong Manxia,I turned around,See a tall160,Weight also160’S wretched man is shining in his […]
He was the last time Mr. Wang Teng of the National Museum hosted a calligraphy competition between himself and Ruan Dashao here.。 “Teacher Wong!” Shen Huan smiled and walked over。 “You also brought calligraphy and painting today?”Looking at the long scroll,Wang Teng smiled,“I thought you would bring jade……This time I heard that you opened some […]
Wu Changan’s face changed drastically,Compared to change,Wu Heng couldn’t even hear anything about Fang Qiaoling,He really wants to cover Gan Yifan’s mouth。 “Does she care if it doesn’t matter anymore。”Wu Heng’s mood can be seen depressed,“You guys eat,I’m not hungry。” “Don’t speak if you can’t speak。”Seeing Wu Heng silently return to the room,Wu Changan couldn’t […]
“The legendary treasure boy?”Was silent for a while,Principal Wang murmured。 Mixed in education,Early-hui children have heard of it,But the evildoer is so,Definitely the first time I saw。 “According to Teacher Han,This kid is preparing for a year,Lay the foundation,You can also go to the International Mathematical Olympiad to win a prize or something?”Guo Jianfeng asked […]
They want to look back,But I can’t look back。 Looking back now, both sides are not pleased,Can only go aside,Can only pray for their bigBOSSFinally save them。 Actually make sense,There is nothing wrong with what they did。 The first ones are those that can be judged or not,At most it’s just a fight。 The one […]
Then Wang Yufei knew,This look is called appreciation。 “Wang Yufei,Let me introduce to you,This is Teacher Guo from the Provincial High School。” “Mr. Guo,Hello there!”Wang Yufei gave a respectable greeting。 Very sincere attitude,For these children in the village,Every teacher is worthy of respect。 “Classmate Wang Yufei,Hello there!I want to ask you,When did you start practicing […]